Mere Sandhi Patra

Dr. Suryabala's debut novel was published as a 12 part series in the leading Hindi magazine Dharmayug over thirty years ago and brought her to the forefront as a leading and admired woman writer in Hindi literature. Such was the popularity of the novel that even today, Mere Sandhi Patra is synonymous with Suryabala's name.

First published by Parag Prakashan in 1977. Later editions by National Publishing House.

Subah Ke Intezaar Tak

A moving account of the genteel poverty of a middle class household that is condemned to hide its circumstances and, in some ways, faces a sentence worse than the poor who do not have to hide behind a forced facade. Though condemned to such an existence by birth, the protagonist, Manu, finds the courage to seek a way out and fulfil the dreams of her young brother Bulu. This novel is compiled together with Agnipankhi.

Parag Prakashan, 1980. Later by Prabhat Prakashan.


Jaishankar is one of the countless young men forced to migrate to the cities in search of employment and sustenance - unable to fulfill their dreams and yet unable to accept their poverty and defeat in life. Jaishanker represents all such youth that are compelled to eke out a bare existence, subsisting on little but hope for a better life. They treat their earlier village life with disdain but are unable to support themselves and become a part of the big city.

Parag Prakashan, 1984. Later by Prabhat Prakashan.


This story is about the travesty of modern day education, where a rich student can determine the fortune of a teacher who is poor. The scholarly and learned Sharma Sir finds himself unable to cope with the powers that are bent on commercializing education and finds his dreams, aspirations and principles sacrificed on their altar. But ultimately, dedication and selflessness do leave a lasting impression and Sharma Sir's principles are upheld by others even after his demise.

 National Publishing House, 1992.

Yamini Katha

Is the story of a woman's life and compulsions. Yamini, the widowed mother of 14 year old Putul, takes his consent to marry Nikhil for social and financial security she so desperately needs. Putul, fond of his Uncle Nikhil, finds the equations changing after the marriage and "Papa" Nikhil a completely different and much less liked proposition than 'Uncle' Nikhil. Yamini is forced to be a mature mother while simultaneously discharging the role of a newlywed wife as the protagonists retreat further into their own selves - a sensitive and different portrayal of the dilemmas faced by women.