Ek Indradhanush Jubeida Ke Naam

Included some of her earlier notable stories such as Race, Palash Ke Phool, Ek Indradhanush Jubeida Ke Naam etc. that brought Suryabala to the fore as a leading woman writer in Hindi literature. Originally Published by Parag Prakashan, 1977. Later by Prabhat Prakashan.


Includes Cinderella Ka Sapna, Kangal, Dishaheen and nine other notable stories. Meenakshi Prakashan, 1981.

Thaali Bhar Chaand

Ek Kahani, Rahamdil, Tohfa, and the much appreciated Na Kinni Na were part of the 16 stories in this collection. Prabhat Prakashan, 1988.

Munder Par

Woh Zari Ke Phool, Peele Phoolon Wali Frock, Anam Lamhon Ke Naam etc. highly appreciated stories that have been translated into several languages. National Publishing House, 1990.


Bauji Aur Bandar, Grihapravesh, Hogi Jai Purushottam Navin, Gita Chaudhary Ka Akhri Sawaal – eleven selected stories. Prabhat Prakashan, 1992.

Panch Lambi Kahaniyan

Including Matiyala Teetar and Bhukkad Ki Aulad. Prabhat Prakashan, 2003.

Manush Gandh

Dadi Aur Remote, Maatam, Manush Gandh, etc. as well as the multi award winning Sajayafta that was also made into a telefilm. Katha Sangraha, 2005.

Ekees Shreshta Vyangya Rachnayen

Diamond Pocket Books, 2009


These ample titillating tales are repeated with fine sentiments and satire. They touch the very core of human sensitivity, and bring forth invaluable gems of reflection, lying dormant in human hearts. Despite many adversities and conflicts in human life. These stories stand like undaunted sentinels, like even smiling blooms, radiating their spirit and faith in human existence.

Dishaheen Main

This helplessness is not merely due to paucity of funds. This trauma is more painful for the youngster, who having done their middle level education with distinction, come to city, colleges to face their counter parts, English medium youths in tight jeans, her peculiar lingo and herling the bear ears around their phraseology of ideolism and ethical dreams learnt during primary classes are all shattered. Their love for mom and nature sweets, tied in mothers lapel is all thrown to the winds under the trauma and de-moralisation.

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